Notes about Pronouns

In case you’re missing any of the notes for this week on Pronouns, here are the pages from the book:


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Classwork, Monday, November 18

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MONDAY’S HOMEWORK (November 4th)

Your homework notebooks were graded and returned to you today. The following video does not indicate where to begin, so please open to page 3 of your notebooks, and write your Subordinate Conjunction Song there.

Subordinate Conjunctions #1

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Monday’s Homework (VIDEO #9 and #10)

Review your literary terms. Find five literary terms that you struggle with memorizing, and work on those five.

These are videos 9 and 10. If you have not watched 7 and 8, watch those first.

In fact, before you watch the videos below, make sure you have watched ALL the previous videos IN ORDER! See the side bar for videos you have missed. Remember, if you turn in your homework notebook out of order, I will not grade it.

Video #9: Conjunction

Video #10: Prepositions


  • WEDNESDAY: Test on literary terms.
  • FRIDAY: Test on the Eight Parts of Speech. Also homework notebooks are due.
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I apologize for posting this a few days late.

If you were in class (or absent) today, here are your reminders:

  • Review Eight Parts of Speech.
  • Finish your elegy if you haven’t.
  • Watch videos 7 and 8 (located below).

Video #7: Adjectives

Video #8: Adverbs

If you were absent last week when students were copying the denotations into their notebooks (allusion, alliteration, couplet, elegy, simile, metaphor, denotation, connotation, imagery, repetition, personification, and irony), you may find some of them here: Literary Terms

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Study reminders:

  • Memorize eight parts of speech.
  • Memorize the literary terms we’ve covered.
  • Finish the previous worksheets and homework.
  • Work on your elegy (due Tuesday).

Remember to check the side bar on the right side of this screen and read your homework in the order it was posted! Your homework notebook must be done in the correct order for credit! Below are videos #5 and #6, so if you have not seen the first four videos, make sure you start with #1.


Rewrite the following paragraph according to the directions given in the video:

This morning, Dejuan woke up to his alarm. Dejuan brushed Dejuan’s teeth and then jumped in the shower. In the shower, Dejuan slipped on the bar of soap because Dejuan didn’t see the bar of soap on the floor. Dejuan tried to stand, but Dejuan was stuck. Finally, Dejuan had to call for Dejuan’s mother because Dejuan couldn’t get up, and Dejuan’s mother had to climb in the shower and help Dejuan to Dejuan’s feet. Dejuan was so embarrassed that Dejuan couldn’t tell Dejuan’s teacher why Dejuan was five minutes late, so Dejuan’s teacher gave Dejuan a detention. That week at Saturday school as Dejuan picked up trash, Dejuan thought to Dejuan’s self that Dejuan had learned Dejuan’s lesson: Dejuan would switch to liquid soap.

Remember: You must have the parts of speech memorized ON YOUR OWN

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“Funeral Blues” by W.H. Auden

10 things I Hate About You

V for Vendetta

Worksheet on Literary Terms

Worksheet – Allusion vs Alliteration

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Please do not watch video #4 until you have watched #1, #2, and #3 in chronological order.

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I apologize. This video should have been posted on Friday. It is now Sunday, so I am pushing it back to Monday night’s homework.

Make sure you have copied all the literary terms to page 7 and 8 of your homework notebook.

Remember: do not watch this video until you have completed Videos 1 and 2.

Study the eight parts of speech. Memorize all eight. I will post again on Tuesday.

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It’s the start of a new year, and I hope you’re as excited as I am!

ALL CLASSES WILL NEED THE FOLLOWING: a set of 3×5 cards, a highlighter, two pens (one black/blue and one red), a spiral bound notebook, and a 3-ring binder with a pencil pouch. All supplies must be brought to class by Monday.

You may use the binder for multiple classes, but you need a spiral bound notebook solely for this class.

  • Check my website EVERY DAY for your homework.
  • Your homework notebook will be due in two or three weeks (I’ll keep you posted).
  • If you are absent on the day it is due, you may turn it in on the day you return to class.
  • If you are absent more than three (3) times in five (5) weeks, I will not accept ANY late work from you. You must have someone turn it in for you ON THE DAY IT IS DUE.

Now for tonight’s homework. Turn to page seven (7) of your notebook. Today in class you copied 25 literary terms, double spaced. Click on the following link, and copy the rest of the terms. Start where you left off.

50 Literary Terms – First Semester

Now for tomorrow’s homework. You don’t need to do this tonight! Make sure you have a spiral bound notebook and two different colored pens. Your pages should be numbered 1-10 (front side only). Turn to page one and get ready to take notes.

Watch the attached video.

Now turn to page 10 of your notebook and watch the 2nd video:

Now to make sure you did your own work: On the bottom left hand corner of page one (inside the margin), please write the number of brothers and sisters you have. On the bottom left hand corner of page two (inside the margin), please write the number of televisions you have in your house/apartment. On the bottom left hand corner of page three (inside the margin), please write the number of bones you have broken. You do not have to write in complete sentences. Just write the number! <example> 8

Your next assignment will be posted on Friday. Cheers!

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